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Heinemann Beteiligungs GmbH i.L.

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Dirk Heinemann

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Dirk Heinemann


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All information, technical advise, recommendations & descriptive material on this product / these products are based upon tests which are generally reliable, although we cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of theses tests. The buyer, who is professional user, will be bound to carry out all tests himself, in order to verify whether the goods are suited and can be used safely for the intended purpose. The only obligation of the seller may consist in replacing the goods of which the imperfection has been proven, insofar as the seller can be held liable for the imperfection under the present conditions. The buyer will protect and hold harmless the seller against any claim whatsoever which could be made by the private enduser on the account of his product liability. In the same way, the buyer will safeguard the seller for each claim made by third parties, exceeding the limitation of liability as stipulated herewith. In addition, we serve ourselves the right to subject the products to technical changes without prior notice. Please make sure that you have the latest version of the technical data sheet/s.

The contents of this web-site publication with regard to using adhesives, sealants etc., lamination and/or any other further processing are based on the results of many years of research and experience in application technology. All information is given in good faith; it does not constitute any guarantee with respect to characteristics, and does not exempt the user from testing the suitability of products, including checking with respect to any third-party industrial property rights . No liability whatsoever will be accepted for damage of any kind or legal nature arising from advice given in this publication. Products are subject to technical modifications as a result of new developments.