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PVC weldig cord 4 mm / 100 m roll

for all homogeneous PVC floor covering recommended for welding
The top quality PVC welding cord for professional welding of homogeneous PVC floor coverings and connection profiles warrants:
  • a safe bond with good tensile strength properties which is easy to produce using all conventional thermal welding methods
  • very low shrinkage rates, resulting in a homogeneous seam-free floor surface
  • high-speed processing with all conventional tools
  • harmless application with no health hazards, thanks to the use of only first class harmless raw materials
Welding cord requirements per m² floor surface area:
Sheets   1.80 - 2.00 m   approx. 1 running meters
Tiles   60.8 x 60.8 cm   3.3 running meters
    60 x 60 cm   3.5 running meters
    50 x 50 cm   4.0 running meters
    30 x 30 cm   6.7 running meters
Rolls   16.0 m   approx. 22.0 running meters
Colors may vary depending on your monitor. Please contact us for samples.