Artificial Leather / Vinyls  
CeraCom® SE  
  The PUR upholstery material  
  Pleasing to the touch - pleasing to the eye

Seats covered with CersCom® SE material always look attractive in any surroundings
  • Looks and feels like leather
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Needs no treatment with special care products
  CeraCom ® SE - Technical Specifikation    
  Upholstery Impressions - Function and Design

Roy® upholstery materials are the right choice wherever high demands have to be met in terms of wear resistance, hygienic properties and tasteful design.
  Roy® - P/N, Design & Colour  
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  Technical information:
Roy Air data sheet (750Kb)
Roy Med data sheet (660Kb)
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